Rocks, Scissors, Paper

In this enduring quick game that’s been around since I was a kid, it seems rock is usually the winner; although I guess paper can wrap around rock. I named this post after the game in a moment’s inspiration…it just popped into my head. Not much here but this amazing photo of the Enterprise Reservoir from a different angle than I’ve shown it before. This is the back bone that holds it together.

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature and, yet, long, long ago, early settlers held back millions of gallons of water with the rocks you see here. I heard, before we lived here, that there once was a great flood when the reservoir overflowed and water rushed 10 plus miles ruining parts of the town of Enterprise. Precautions were taken back then to prevent another such flood in the form of a large gully dug to redirect the water should the dam ever overflow again.

I love seeing the dam from this angle.

Rocks win!

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