Make $$$ While Having Fun & Beautifying Your Yard!

Jan 1st is a time for new beginnings; “out with the old, in with the new”! Right? For some reason, I feel the cobwebs in my brain being swept away in the month of March!

March is adequately named for this. New ambition and focus comes “marching into my life”, undaunted, to perk up my imagination and my desire to kick those negative dragons off my stage. I want to get out and do things still harboring somewhere inside of me, despite the notion that I am too old, too busy…you name it, that try to stop me from realizing my dreams and ambitions. Some of these dreams go clear back to my youth and I have not mustered up the ambition to bring them to fruition.

March is a great motivator for me. Winter is hanging desperately on, at times, but knows it is losing ground. We have some pretty chilly days still, and a few random snow flurries keep us indoors but on those marvelous days when the sun is shining and the spring air is just chilly enough to wake me up yet warm enough to venture outside without a coat; my senses are at their peek performance. This is my “New Years”, my time to look around and pull those dreams out, dust them off and start manifesting them.

It’s only a dream until you write it down.

We’re excited about doing some Camp Sites on our own property after being approached by a company that is looking for individuals to host camp sites on their own property!

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Hip Camp claims even a quiet patch of lawn where people can pitch a tent for the night would work. I have always wanted to build a nifty tree house. Wouldn’t that be a fun place to sleep!

Any kind of space for sleeping, if it’s clean, comfy, as secluded as possible and safe will work!

Today we walked our acre of ground looking for possible camp sites to spruce up for the “Hip Camp Company”.

We happen to own an authentic Sheep Camp Wagon that I think would make a fine camper for a night or two.

At one time, my husband’s grandfather owned the largest sheep herd in the state of Utah. A time or two, my husband considered selling this sheep wagon. I dissuaded him only because it is linked to his family history. I also think it’d be fun to fix up for company to sleep in. We’ve decided to make it a fun camp site and have found the perfect place to park it.

The Grape Arbor and Summer Garden Spot

Considering the different spots on our property, this seemed like the perfect place to plant the sheep wagon. In the summer, when the garden is thriving, it is thick with produce and has a lovely background view of the mountains in the distance. Our neighbor’s garden is directly behind this and, well, it’s just a lovely place on the property.

We think it would be a novel idea to let guests pick ripe cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden and fix themselves an authentic “Dixie Sandwich”. Each camper will receive a free loaf of delicious homemade whole-wheat bread upon arrival.

The old timers from St George, the closest city near here, has its roots in the pioneers who settled it. They dubbed it “Dixie” since it is located at the southern part of Utah. In the old days they even grew cotton here. There was a fully operating cotton mill that is still there but has gone through various changes over the years. It now is a beautiful plant nursery.

St George is a mere 36 miles south of Enterprise with a myriad of things to do and see. It has a very active cultural life, there’s always something going on. The bike trails that interlace within the city rival any biking/walking trails I’ve seen anywhere. I’ll elaborate more on things to do near here after I create brochures of our place as well as things to do and places to see.

Another favorite spot on our property is up by the front southern corner. Whenever I walk out there, I get a very peaceful feeling. It has “good vibes”. It’s surrounded on two sides by tree-size lilac bushes. An older single wide trailer sits to the west of it. We’re building a tall wooden fence to hide this distraction. I’ll plant climbing, flowering vines to climb this fence for added beauty and a deeper sense of seclusion.

This has the feeling of a child’s secret garden.

We’ve neighbors who have mastered the art of remodeling old campers into the really cute, Vintage Campers you see once in awhile tootling down the highway. They first gut them of all nonessential, bulky fixtures then scrub them down and sanitize them. Next begins the real magic: new vintage-look paint on the exterior and interior adding decorating details that make them sparkle and shine with yesterday’s charm and style.

They’ve offered to come get us started on our older camper and give us their expert advice on what to toss and where to begin the transformation. This is going to be a super fun and rewarding project!

This will be parked out by our newly remodeled “cottage”. A 100-year-old building that was on the property when we bought here. This jewel was completely worn down and neglected although its stone floor and beautiful rock work fire place and chimney were still intact. My husband maintained its original charm as he remodeled it for my art and writing studio; keeping the same nostalgic feeling in its finished look. The photo below shows how it looked when we first arrived.

Lots of Sunflowers and Morning Glories will surround this vintage camper, adding to its charm and privacy.

The Guest Room Porch in this Same Area

We have a nice crop of black berries and other berries in the upper, northern corner of our lot. We want to make this a predominately tent site with possible pull through parking for trucks with campers & motor homes. For now it will be off grid camping for the campers.

Guests can pick these luscious berries, at their own risk. The briers they grow on practically reach out and grab you if you walk past them.

I fill a big bowl full of them, when they’re in season, nearly every morning in spite of the briers. I like to add them to pancakes or muffins. I think campers might enjoy nibbling on them as well.

Nightly Dutch Oven Dinners

My husband is “The Dutch Oven King” and really fixes a fantastic Dutch Oven meal! He also croons out soul-full tunes on his harmonica. I love to watch him as he plays; he is totally lost in his own world. We like the idea of gathering around a large camp fire, eating, swapping stories and listening to good music under the stars (which you can actually see very well here at night).

Not to mention, we have a great reservoir about ten miles away that is a favorite fishing spot for the locals. We also have kayaks and a wave board guests can use free of charge. The Enterprise Reservoir is really a pretty area with Pine and Cedar trees surrounding it. Sack Lunches can be purchased if you want to spend the day out there.

We also offer a B&B experience if you don’t want to mess with cooking breakfast or going to one of our two diners here in town to eat. We have free range chickens for fresh, wholesome eggs with muffins or pancakes (cook’s choice) and bacon or sausage links with milk, juice and or coffee.

I’ve always wanted to do a B&B…it will be awesome!

Yes, these March winds are blowing the cobwebs out of my mind and clearing the way for my latent dreams to awaken.

I’m getting very excited about these projects and in doing these things we will also be beautifying our own land. This is definitely a win-win endeavor.

I grow more excited about it as we start working on these camp sites: “Berry Retreat”, “Lilac Retreat”, “Garden & Grapes Retreat” (with the Sheep Camp) and the “Sunflower Retreat” with the Refurbished Vintage RV.

We know you will find peace and relaxation at your site of choice at Russell’s Roost.


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