Happy 17th Birthday Westin

Westin began playing football in St George for the Dixie Flyers & realized he loved the game and his team.

Later when they moved to Pioche, he started playing on LCHS high school’s team and loves it. (He’ll be a Jr next year and pretty sure he’ll keep it up.)

His team made the playoffs for State Champs this year and were so lucky to go to Vegas and play this game in the pro Raider’s Stadium. Wow! What an amazing experience that was, for players and onlookers alike!

Westin stated working out at a gym in St George and really got into all of that. When his family moved to Pioche, he got the added benefit of a family owned (John & Sarah) Gym on Main that’s a daily hangout practically. He has built his body up to a very buff state and Harv & I were able to benefit when we needed help driving screws into steel beams that we could no way do.

Everytime we called for help, you came and was a big help! We appreciate you SO much & you finally got the building project moving forward again!

I think you liked learning a little about carpentry skills too & picked it up really fast.

It was at a standstill till we got Westin to come help get the ceiling panels screwed into the steel beams. He made it look easy!

Here’s a few more pics of Westin w/family & some Prom Pics:

Here’s a few more pics of “Westy” w/ family & friends:

Hope this is a great year, Westin! I wish the very best for you & know you will make it a good one!

We appreciate all you do for us!

Much love to an awesome g’son!


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