Happy B’Lated Birthday Caitlin

Looking back over time, so many memories! You have always had a special, unique & caring nature.

Picking up the puppies. Look how you’ve all changed! 😊


To many, many happy years ahead and the fondness of sweet memories of the years gone by.

From your old Alma Mater to the new one! You’re still rocking it!!!

Caitlin, You have been so loved and we are all SO proud of what you have accomplished in your life.

As the days ahead unfold, I pray they will bring you all the dreams your heart can hold. I know you will continue on…making new, great memories and having good experiences as long as you keep doing as you’ve always done, working hard to be the best version of yourself and putting all your heart into the endeavors you take on. Choose wisely & accept only the best!

Happy birthday to you today, JuLY 5th, and for the coming year, bringing much change a new experiences!

Love you, G’ma Mary ❤️❤️❤️


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