Happy 18th B’Day Elaina!

I’m so thrilled to wish this amazing granddaughter a very happy birthday today. Elaina has been a very sweet, kind-hearted girl her whole life. She’s very close to her mom & somehow got the nickname “rabbit”. Not sure where this came from.

I DO KNOW a few things about our “Lanie”. She, unbeknownst to many, has maintained a near perfect 4.0 GPA since middle school. No one ever mentioned this to me and it was just sort of a minor background thing. What!

Now Elaina will be graduating high school soon and has been offered a number of education scholarships at some really great universities. I think she’s made her choice but won’t post it here. She’s excited to move on to this next phase of her life and I know she will excel because this is just how Lanie works!


Elaina started out in gymnastics and had a promising future ahead of her but eventually her height began to interfere in this “sport”. Lanie and her two sisters are very tall girls, coming from very tall parents.

Elaina’s life really revolves around school & gymnastics for quite a few years. Mandy Mom was right there, participating in the daily practices and helping the coaches in lots of volunteer ways. This was a very in-depth activity for Mandy, Elaina & sister Dylan consuming much of their life. Lanie and Dylan did awesome in these gymnastic years with lots of medals to show for their hard work & dedication.

After leaving gymnastics, Elaina started getting involved in extra curricular events in her high school; Swim Team, Track & Golf became fun activities while still maintaining her high GPA and working part time.

A few words that comes to mind when regarding Elaina are Dedication, Responsibility & Friendliness.

Lanie has a smile that lights. up a whole room!

Photo timeline

I love you Elaina. You make this g’ma very proud! I hope you have a fun b’day & a fabulous year ahead! 💕💕💕


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