Our AZ Vacation

We left Pioche to get away from so much SNOW…

We got a late start so it was getting pretty late as we passed Boulder City.

I called a friend, who lives in AZ, as we were getting gas in Kingman to see if we turn off at Wickenberg soon after Kingman. Debi was VERY adamant, “DO NOT go the Wickenberg route.” Smaller routes dont use snow plows and she said many roads were actually closing.

She sent me a pic of Prescott that she thought would convince me not to go any way other than Flagstaff that is accustomed to snow and who plows the roads . (I wanted to stay completely away from “Flag” but Debi insisted it was the safest way to go.)

Snow in Prescott

We decided to just find a motel in Kingman, I hate that city. I even spent time on my phone looking for a decent motel but, unwittingly, got one that was “typical Kingman”. We paid for it over the phone, non-refundable, but passed others that looked much nicer on the way there. Ugh!

Actually, once we got past the lobby of our motel and to our room it was “adequate”.

Next day, we were deciding if we should try to make it to Cottonwood for our 2nd night’s stay. (We missed the 1st night of a room we’d reserved a month ago.) We decided maybe we better forgo that whole area and turn back to Boulder City.

On our way to Boulder City, I spontaneously turned off at Chloride and that was the first highlight of our trip! Such a sweet, very unique little town. We’ve been there a few times before but always drive down the canyon to see the murals. This time we drove all through the town and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The junk fence greets you as you go into the town. We stopped there and had so much fun looking at it up close. (I even got some gift ideas”. HaHa)

It was very creative how they strung broken bottles together to form a “chain”.

Residents Try to Keep that Unique “Junk Look” Going…

We cracked up at the funny sayings some people posted around their yards like epitaphs on old, wooden headstones; keeping with the decor of the town,

Harv & I asked someone to take our pics here & a store we went into had these “stuffed men” Harv made friends with.

We think it’d be fun if Pioche did something like this! Chloride was a bustling Silver Mine back in the day, just like Pioche.

As we were driving through town we spotted this GORGEOUS horse that looked like a statue. It didn’t moved at all as we pulled slowly up to it.

Left Chloride Feeling Happy!

We had decided to stay in Boulder City but we were starving when we passed the RR Pass Casino/Hotel so decided to eat and stay there. It actually has a new name now and is completely renovated. It had so many things to see inside, a display of large, old photos with dates and a short history.

This hotel is so close to Hoover Dam, it used a lot of this throughout its decor.

We thought after eating and getting settled in we’d go look at the sites at Hoover Dam but didn’t make it this time. We plan on coming back again to do that!

We were so thrilled to see beautiful views of THE LAKE and mountains plus the swimming pool out of our eighth-floor bedroom window!

A Gorgeous Walk

We saw a path from our window, at the far side of the hotel parking lot and decided to go see where it went.

It was such a pleasant surprise and went two different ways. One direction led down to Lake Mead or you could just follow it around the mountain, keeping the lake in view the whole time. It was simply breathtaking!

We stayed on the trail as the the sun was setting then decided we’d better head back to our room.

This has, surprisingly, turned into an amazing road trip that we can’t wait to do again.


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