Happy Birthday Tay & Mom

These two were born on the same day. Mom is no longer with us but her legacy lives on in the quality of her children, g’children & great g’kids.

Taylor Joseph Prince

Tay was born in 1977…He has always been a light in my life & has always excelled in whatever he set his mind upon.

Out of 5 kids, Tay’s bedroom was always clean & organized. A funny story: “The night before his 1st day of school, Kindergarten, he listed his clothes out he wanted to wear. The next morning, he complained to me that (Mandy or Anna) touched his shirt & wrinkled it. I kid you not! It was a tee shirt! haha I’ll never forget that funny incident & it kind of sums up the rest of what to expect through this special son’s life.

He chose the high road on life’s highway & takes great care of his stewardships.

Hope this is a special year for you Tay! 1st son is home from his mission and in 1st year of college & now your daughter is off on her mission in far off Chili! Your two sons left at home are carrying on and keeping you & Kira busy and it seems your lives are/ round of one exciting adventure after another.

You’ve made your parents very proud & this mom very happy!

I appreciate all the help & support you are to me! Love you! Happy, happy birthday! 🥰


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