All Kids Are Artists, All Artists Are Kids

When I taught Art at an elementary school, grades K – 6, I was always amazed at the different results the kids would come up with from a simple art project I gave to the whole class.

One project was a nighttime background of Gotham City with a big upper torso of Batman looking down on it. This was made from pre-cut pieces of colored construction paper I cut out for the younger classes to glue on a large piece of black construction paper, the older kids cut out the designs themselves

What got very interesting were the things they added on their own! White & yellow colored pencils drew all different kinds of star shapes on the night sky. One very creative student even drew a tightrope walker walking on a line stretched from two skyscrapers!

I loved to see how the kids would take it upon themselves to add their own, unique, final touches to a standard project!

An extra large poster I blew up for my classroom.

Students” painting their portraits from photos turned into a coloring project at a Summer Art Camp I did. These always turn out amazing!

Some more examples of photography transformed into a drawing:

An Art Activity to Fill Up Some Free Time (in a teaching setting).

A fun thing to do for a quick project. This one is unfinished. Others had all kinds of interesting things drawn into the purposefully large scribble spaces such as a whole outdoor mountain scene, math facts and whatever crossed the young artist’s mind.

This poster was a reminder it was “Art Day” at a Senior Assisted Living Center I went to once a month to do art projects. Like the kids, they also embellished their “standard projects” with their own stamp of creativity.

We had so much fun at every single class!


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