Mineral Spas Across the Southwest

SPA is the acronym for the Latin phrase Salus Per Aquas, which means “health through water.”

Here are some amazing Natural Mineral Springs we’ve discovered and enjoyed from Colorado to New Mexico to California and in between. When traveling, nothing beats stopping off at a natural hot mineral pool and soaking those travel weary bones and muscles as well as a weary mind.

The minerals and heat combination are “just what the doctor ordered”. These have always been the highlight of any road trip we’ve taken, if we’re lucky enough to be close to visit one and, more often, the explicit reason for a chosen destination…to spend time in a natural mineral spring.

Please use the button below to see the amazing mineral springs I have visited and my first initial love affair with water. To return to this post, you can always click on the back arrow. I will keep adding more, and have some I already need to add to this growing list of amazing hot mineral spas across the southwest.

3 thoughts on “Mineral Spas Across the Southwest

    1. I forget how many there are, even close by. I hear that the City of Hurricane is giving attention to the proposition of re-opening Pah Tempe as a world-class spa run through a private ownership. We also have our humble, little Panaca Hot Springs nearby and the pool in Veyo, UT, which isn’t really a hot spring…is it even warm? Most of the spas I’ve mentioned are within a day or two’s drive. I have loved every single one and hope you and your family get the chance to visit a few!


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