Photos to Coloring Books

This was a fun addition to my Etsy Store. I have a photo app that lets me do all kinds of fun things with photographs; making custom cards and even personalized coloring books. You can see samples of the coloring pages as well as the “embellished “ photos that make beautiful, one of a kind wall hangings or all kinds of fun things, like coasters or a deck of playing cardsat my Etsy Store, Parlor House Boutique. A link to the store is in this post.

These make great gifts for people who are hard to buy for and don’t really need anything. An elderly grandma or grandpa would love a personalized coloring book of their kids, grandkids, pets…you name it.

I taught an Art Class once for residents at a Senior Assisted Living Center. They LOVED coloring their own portraits that I had printed on heavy card stock and changed into drawings to be colored.

Please check out the video in my shop of kids ranging from youth to teen water coloring their photos changed into a coloring page with lots of blank spaces to color in.

Before Photo…

Photo to be colored.
Enhanced Photo…
Photo to be colored.
Sample Coloring Page
Sample Coloring Page
This 14 year old colored his photo amazingly!
Original photo of above painting.
Enhanced Photo

See more of these in my Etsy Store now.

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