Savvy Grams Adult Bibs

Last Christmas I wanted to give home-made gifts to everyone in my family.

I had a pattern I was given as a project to make adult-sized bibs and donate them to assisted living homes for the elderly who could no longer live alone.

I loved the idea of these over-sized bibs and thought what a great family gift for anyone they would make. I envisioned them just being kept folded up in the car to use to protect our clothes when going through the take out at fast food places or even to use at home when eating messy foods to protect our clothes.

I can’t even drink a smoothie without spilling it on myself in the car while driving. When I pick up the paper container from my cup holder, the plastic lid pops off and I’ve had smoothie run all over the place and while driving, I can’t stop and clean it up.

Oversized bibs sure come in handy in the car. Even eating a Jimmy John protein style sandwich (lettuce wrapped) as I peel the paper away, I manage to make a whole towards the bottom and, sure enough, leak slurpy sandwich spread all over me.

I make the Adult Bibs (“Bibits”) out of heavy, double sided (reversible) flannel in awesome patterns & styles with big, roomy pockets and Velcro Closures.

If you want something sure to protect your clothes or give as a gift to an elderly person in your life, or anyone of any age, find them for $35 at Parlor House Boutique, my Etsy Store.


Photos below:

My personal favorite.

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