Savvy Grams Favorite Products

I’ve stumbled upon this collection of favorite products that I love and have become very loyal to using them exclusively. They definitely fit the title of my favorite things and always make me feel good. They’ve met and exceeded my highest expectations. Sometimes it’s these little things that bring a spurt of joy into our lives and that’s exactly what these products do for me!

Years ago, while visiting a large Whole Foods Market, they had EO Hand Sanitizers throughout the store for customers to use. I was amazed at the strongest scent of Lavender I have ever smelled in any product before and began seeking other EO Products to use.

I’ve listed below the ones I use all the time now and love the quality that goes into these natural products. The EO Lavender and Aloe Body lotion lives up to the soothing, cooling properties of both lavender and aloe vera. I keep the EO Peppermint Lip Balm in my car and every time I apply it to my dry lips, it soothes them and the hint of peppermint tastes as good as it feels. These are two products I always keep on hand and try never to be without.

All the products I’ve listed have links as well, taking you directly to where you can purchase them.

Favorite Body Care Products

My Favorite Hair Care Products

I love, love, love the Joyyum Hot Air Spin Brush as I shampoo & blow my short hair every other day and my arm gets extremely tired using a round brush and hair dryer. The Hot Air Spin Brush is quick and easy and I get the exact bounce and volume I want. I also love Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner. It smells so good and, as you may have noticed by now, I like products that smell of healing properties, like lavender and tea tree oil. Paul Mitchell is a brand I trust. Looking for the strongest pigmented purple shampoo to cut that brassy blonde? I found it at Target, as well as on Amazon, although, I don’t see it on Amazon now. It works! It’s not one to leave on very long or you will get a distinct purple cast to your hair if that’s not what you’re looking for but just shampoo it in and rinse right away. I love this product!

My Favorite Health Care Products

Essential Oils are widely used today. I love certain brands and want only the best when used for medicinal purposes but also enjoy the less expensive brands when adding them to my bath water for my “home spa” relaxation.

I take a good fish oil to help “keep me lubricated”. Fish Oil Supplements high in Omega 3 are an excellent daily supplement. They’re good for our joints, heart and skin. Prescription Strength doses are even a standard supplement given to those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

When choosing a good fish oil look for these 3 things:

  1. High amounts of EPA/DHA and at least 500 mg to 1000 mg of fish oil.
  2. Variety of omega-3 sources, including high-quality supplementation.
  3. Natural fish oil formulas that contain wholesome, potent ingredients.


We use Nano Colloidal Silver for all kinds of health issues. Even when our pooch got some sores on his paw, from sticker burs, we sprayed this on and some some relief from it. You can spray it in your mouth even. This particular brand has minuscule molecules that penetrate instantly. It’s harmless as far as containing any toxicity and just a good all-around product to keep on hand. Google it for more information.


Essential Oils:

For myself, I love to experiment with different essential oils but always keep Lavender and Eucalyptus around. Lavender is known for its calming effect, I even rub some on our dog after bathing. Many don’t know that Lavender is also a very good burn remedy. It works wonders on sunburns as well as other burns we experience, like pulling a cookie sheet out of the oven and touch the oven rack. I try to always add some drops of Eucalyptus Oil to my bath along with Epsom Salts to create a “home spa”.

I like to use ACT Energy drink first thing in the morning when I get up. It’s a great product with healthy ingredients and made especially for athletes in mind. I use Spark Energy Drink (once or twice) later in the day. It is also a healthy alternative to sugary, caffeine sodas, but is less powerful than the A.C.T. so I use it just for a little more pick up during the day.

Favorite Home & Spa Products

We can’t always be on the road seeking our favorite mineral springs but we can try to create a similar spa environment in our own homes. Here’s some products I have found that help transport me to that spa experience. I like to use Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a hot tub at home. The vapor in the steam does what the hot mineral springs do and help clear the sinuses and soothe tired bodies. Add some Epsom Salts or Baking Soda to the tub water to add minerals found in natural mineral springs.

I discovered the wonderful scent of the Tymes Frasier Fir Candles one Christmas season and every time I pass by my burning Frasier Fir Candle I honestly feel a sense of inner cleansing/clearing. The evergreen oils are known for their ability to clear the mind and bring comfort to the soul. (Isn’t that exactly what we experience when we’re in a forest among the pines or even cedars.)

The Frasier Fir products from Thymes, come the closest to creating that experience. Their scent is very poignant and contain the true essence of firs. I use these candles and wax melts all year long to help my mind feel more focused and content.


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